Thursday, June 11, 2009

Winnipeg Orthopedic Electives Page Now Up

Well, hopefully the information that I previously published will bring in some more interested outside medical students for a visit.  I have to wait for Google to index the new Pan Am Clinic website page that gives students details of all the opportunities that we have to offer in our program.

As a side note to that we have had a large increase in off-service residents interested in working with us this year.  That's a change from last year and maybe a reflection of the emphasis that we have put on education in elective rotations.  I think that the current residents are realizing that it is our duty to try and increase musculoskeletal knowledge in all subspecialties in the province.

Our next step is to undertake some outreach to communities outside Winnipeg through visits and telehealth in order to improve knowledge and decision-making on the part of primary care providers.  More on that initiative to come!

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