Friday, March 20, 2009

Orthopedic Training in Winnipeg - Orthopedic Electives Information

Our training program just went through a search for new residents about a month ago. Our 'match', organized by CaRMS, an Ottawa organization matching medical students with the best program possible secured us two great candidates. We're really happy to have them on-board on our team. We didn't fill one of our spots though, in spite of the fact that we interviewed 36 applicants!

I think that it's a failure of marketing. We didn't have many visiting medical students last year...that's despite the fact that every medical student that comes has a great time. The one that I worked with this past year from Thunder Bay had a great time, and I'd like to think that if her personal situation was different she might have come here. So, how to get people to come? I think it's all about putting out the word - Guerrilla Style!

I started a Facebook group tonight:

Manitoba Orthopedic Elective Information

I'm hoping with that I can try and get working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of some keywords in google to have our site pop up when someone types in orthopedic elective, or even orthopedic residency (but that's a stretch goal. This is also a little experiment in the techniques of SEO. It wouldn't hurt given the fact that Dr. everyone is about to launch.

So, if you have any questions about orthopedic electives, send them to Donna Shepard ( She will get you set up!

And stay tuned to get debate results soon...and fill out the survey if you haven't already!

Link to Online Survey (one question)

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James Vernon said...

Dr. Shantz,

Finally someone has attempted to circumvent the process of going though the surgical education office to get an elective organized. Your efforts should be applauded. I'm clapping now as we speak!! For those interested, join the Facebook site, let's get the talk going about how rewarding and exciting an orthopedic elective in Winnipeg can be!!