Saturday, September 6, 2008

...Like riding a Bike: Back on the Wards

It's funny how knowledge and experience sticks with you over time. I just returned to the hospital after a year away. During my MBA I didn't have any patient contact. I didn't do any Orthopedic Surgeries and I left all my Ortho textbooks on the shelf. I've been afraid that my knowledge would have slipped by this point. After sitting with a couple of colleagues yesterday I found that all that knowledge just comes flowing back when it's dusted off.

You hear a lot of stories about career switching these days. Apparently, people of my generation only stick with a given job for 2 years on average. Are we looking for something better, or are we just stimulated by constant change? I read an article in the Atlantic Monthly entitled 'Is Google Making Us Stupid?' ( When I thought about the premise of the article and all the career change stories that I encountered in the business world it really made me think that the internet may be spurring my generation to take these leaps in order to keep life interesting.

In my case, I'm going back to my old job. One thing that I can say for the Ivey MBA ( though...My year there has made the hospital and my life in it look completely different. Although that knowledge remains my perspective has changed.

I wonder if others who have gone back to previous jobs after an MBA have the same experience of looking on old careers in a new light? Any stories?

Next time I'll go into how I ended up in an MBA: where the journey began.

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