Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...Steps on a Doctor's Journey

The last hours of my MBA are evaporating. My time to walk across the stage is coming. I'm just about ready to start doing hip replacements and ACL repair surgeries again. I feel some butterflies in my stomach about both.

My name is Jesse Shantz. I'm a doctor and orthopedic surgery trainee. I'm also now an MBA, which has given me an interesting perspective on the Canadian healthcare system. I'm also a member of two website startups. So, many of you will understand the regulated environment I operate within in the hospital. Others will appreciate the creativity unleashed in startups and MBA programs.

This blog will give some thoughts and links I assemble based on my experiences on the wards and in the 'boardroom' over the next few years. I'm also going to put in some links to the sites I'm involved in and some articles I'm having published in the coming months.

The blog will remind you of Pulp Fiction a bit since it will jump around in time...but I'm hoping to add some perspective on previous events.

Most of all I hope to encourage some comments from you, the audience. So, let me know if you're another MD/MBA reading. Definitely comment on anything you disagree with or send your support for everything you like the sound of.


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