Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Physician's Perspective on the Patient-Physician Relationship

I just read a great article on 'How to Talk to Your Doctor' (click the title to read it for yourself). It made me sit back and think about truth and the exaggeration of the article based on my experience. I think that it requires a companion article as well entitled 'How to Talk to Your Patient'. I'm sure some readers will agree with that sentiment.

I'm going to post it now and work on the response to it. Any readers have thoughts on this? I'm sure some of you reading this blog are physicians yourselves. I heard one person refer to the phenomenon as 'Google Moms' recently. This was a reference to patients armed with print-outs from the internet. I'm sure that family physicians are more exposed to that sort of patient interactions. How is it sculpting the relationship you have with patients?

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