Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results - Leadership, finally!

I imagine many were watching the election results trickle in last night. I know that there would be mixed feelings about the results based on the popular vote, however, I hope that we can all agree that this is a vote for leadership.

There is no question that intelligent policy is needed to lead a country in the right direction. More important is the ability to have people listen, understand and act on that policy. I feel that Barack Obama can bend the ears of the US and possibly the world. That's why I think he was the right choice last night.

Listening is another skill that a great leader needs. Listening to the world will repair the broken relations of the last two terms. Listening to a complete cross-section of American society will help Obama shape social programs to ensure that even though there is still industry and self-reliance there is also a following of the statement, 'You are your brother's keeper'. Some call this socialism when times are good. When times are bad it is called survival, and it has worked in much of Europe and Canada.

I think that the prevailing sentiment this morning is hope. The entire news report was taken up by stories of the election. People are jubilant. There's been a change.

We all need to listen, talk and follow, helping Obama on his journey so we ensure the change is positive.

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